Agorosso is a guitarist, composer, singer and dancer, who plays a type of music he call Nkhetekete; a mixture of Sena tribe sound. “I compose songs based on what I have seen in the village or what I see in our every day life. My music is a way of expressing what I feel, what I hear, or what I have been told.”


Agorosso began his musical journey by making himself a simple guitar and taught  himself how to play, composing music influenced by a variety of styles and dances he grew up listening to in his home village. “I just used a small metallic pot with nylon strings. I didn’t know how to play, I just tuned it to my wish.”


Since then Agorosso has performed at local and international music festivals with his 6 piece band and has won awards performing his music depicting issues on human rights, preservation of culture and nature, love amongst mankind, the  against gender based and domestic violence. “The role of the musician is to speak for the people, for those who cannot speak for themselves. And speak to them. Because when you compose a song, it can be heard and felt by everyone, more than just words.”


Agorosso has performed with many well known musicians including the late great Oliver Mtukudzi, where he was invited to Zimbabwe to recorded on his last album.



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