“I started my music journey in 2000, that time I was playing with Lucky Stars, playing drums. I then met Agorosso at a show in Chikwawa, I was playing with ‘Lucky Stars’. Agorosso performed after us and I joined him on stage for some vocals. “Ah you are a good singer!” Agorosso said afterwards, “Can I find the time to chat with you?” I said “Ahh no problem. You call me any time and I will come and I will sing and chat with you no problem”. I then started playing with Agorosso in 2001. I will then take my drum and I will walk and walk to meet with other musicians. And I will go, go, go and I will play with Skeffa Chimoto, and I will play with Malala, and I will play with Code Sangala, and I will play with you, Annemarie! Big artists in Malawi! So as you can see if have come far with my music. But it’s not easy. We meet and play with nothing, without a single tambala, no one gives, but I will go and I will practise. I walk and walk, and I thank God for giving me the wisdom. God took me to meet with these people and I was encouraged to practise, more practise! People said “you are a good singer and good percussionist in Malawi!” So I will take note and practice!

I was born in Malawi – my Dad from Nsanje, my mom from Balaka. In my family born 9 children. I’m coming from far but I didn’t give up. Now people see me and they say I am a good percussionist. Now people ask me to come to the studio and they say “can you come and record with us on the shakers and the voices?” And I will go and I will play! And I will be given something. My music journey is not easy, I have been coming from far. I thank God. We have so many percussionist in Malawi, but God chose me. Sure, you know what I mean!”

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+265 888 171 483