Born in Chitipa, Northern Malawi, Goma Nyondo grew up listening to afro pop and soul music. He also loved singing traditional Malawian songs which is where his interest for music developed. With drums crafted from empty tins and a home made guitar fashioned from an oil can for the body and bicycle breaks for strings, Goma would play to his brothers and sisters at home.


At the age of 10 he joined hid church choir and began vocal training. At 20 years old Goma entered Music Crossroads regional festival where he impressed the judges and toured Tanzania representing Malawi.


Since then, Goma has performed all over the country in a number of different bands including Body Mind Band, Kula Band, Miongoli Band and Activex Band, in which he currently hold the position as lead singer.


Goma has merged all his inspiration and experience over the years to create an incrediable and unique afro-jazz fusion.


Contact information:


+265 996 277 501