“My name is Patrick Chimbewa and I come from Ntchisi, the central region of Malawi. I started music when I was young, playing a home made banjo in a local band. I started meeting with different artists where I learnt alot of different skills. I was so happy to meet with veteran ethno-musician Charles Chavalamangwere Mkanthama who taught me how to play the Nsasi, also known as ‘ mbira’ or thumb piano.


I then began discovering and creating my own version and design of the intstrument, merging the nsasi with a baza, a mouth piece, which I named the Nsasiba. The Nsasiba has the thumb piano on the bottom with the baza attached to the top; two parts in one! I also tie some bells around my ankle and have made a small foot drum from a tin as percussion.


Over time my music career has grown. I entered into Pakhonde Music Camp ran by Music Crossroads, where I was able to travel to Norway to perform. Since then I have also performed in India on a cultural exchange. I will continue playing traditional instruments because it is an important part of our culture.”

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