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Is an album bringing together a wide and talented range of Malawian musicians to inspire, collaborate, compose, perform and record; a rare opportunity for a British singer-songwriter to be fully immersed into a culture for four incredible years. 

Featuring over 40 different Malawian musicians, Blue Sky Thinking has embodied the phrase itself; creating new ideas that are not limited by current thinking or beliefs.

Blue Sky Thinking is 4 years of experience, emotion and culture.

It is the total immersion into a countries culture, environment and artistic community with one door opening the next.

Blue Sky Thinking has grown organically; seizing the opportunities of chance encounters presented when you put yourself out there.

It is being open to and welcoming the influences of others.


Blue Sky Thinking has needed; determination, patience, understanding, resilience, compassion, flexibility and a lot of imagination to overcome many obstacles in this vibrant, loud, hectic, incredible African country.


Blue Sky Thinking has been shaped by the bustle of a thriving Malawian market, the beats of a bao game, the sunsets over the national parks, choirs singing on the back of pickup trucks and the constant push and pull between loving this amazing country and respecting its culture whilst staying true to my own.


Shakers crafted from deodorant bottles and seeds, brass recorded on shore of Lake Malawi, homemade traditional instruments, street side singing and Jacaranda School For Orphans’ Choir come together to bring a flare of Malawian sound to a singer songwriters vibe creating this one of a kind album.